Local Birding..


South-eastern Ontario plays host to some of Canada's best bird watching. Not only are we on a number of migration paths, but geographically there are large number of specie-range overlaps in just this area.

As our Motel is also next to our 40 acre farm we get to see a lot of birds, specifically;

  • Snowy Owls

  • Great Gray Owl

  • Grasshopper Sparrow

  • Snow Buntings

  • Lapland Longspurs

  • Rough-legged Hawks

In addition to our farm, nearby birding venues also include;

  1. Little Cataraqui Creek,

  2. Little Cataraqui Conservation Area,

  3. Cataraqui Cemetery

  4. Amherst Island

  5. Wolfe Island

More information on Birding in our specific area can be had here:

Kingston Field Naturalists
Prince Edward Point Birding Obsession
Nature Stuff
Ontario Field Ornithologists (OntBirds)
NeilyWorld Birding Ottawa - Favourite Outlying Sites

Note: Amherst Island, just minutes away has a new conversation area specifically oriented to birders.

Winter 2005 Update: As many already know, the winter of 2005 has seen a large influx of Great Gay Owls into our area as the vole population in their more normal northern habitat collapsed this year. In response, an estimated 600 birds have migrated south. Here are a few pictures I took today (Feb  21,2005) of a few Great Gray's just a few miles north of us. I use a simple Nikon 5400 digital camera - no big zoom lens..


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